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Cycling Accident Claims Guide – How Do I Make A Claim?

Cycling has become a popular and efficient way to commute, especially in bigger cities. It is also encouraged by employers and governments through various schemes and incentives. While cycling is a green method of transportation that has its health benefits, it can also be risky. Cyclists do not have the same protection as other road users do, therefore, when involved in an accident they can suffer severe injuries.

Governments have actioned infrastructure expansions to benefit the safety measures for cyclists, however, studies show that cycling accidents have been rising since the lockdown in 20200. The Department for Transport (DfT) reports that in 2021, there were 111 casualties, and 4,353 pedal cyclists were reported to be seriously injured in Great Britain. Consequently, cycling accident compensations have increased. 

If you have been involved in a cycling accident and you are considering filing a compensation claim, it is recommended to consult with a personal injury lawyer. At Remus Robu Solicitors, we can support you and provide insight into the complex legal system of personal injury claims in your preferred language of either English or Romanian (servicii de reclamații pentru vătămări personale).

Who is eligible to make a cycling accident claim?

To make a successful cycling accident claim, evidence that the accident was not your fault is required to build a strong case. There are multiple ways that a cycling accident can take place. 

Some of the most common ways are:  

  • Bike accidents due to drivers – the driver of a car, or any other vehicle, did not pay full attention to the road.
  • Bike accidents due to pedestrians – pedestrian walking in front of a bicycle because they didn’t look before crossing the road. This might cause the cyclist to stop quickly and fall off their bicycle.
  • Bike accident due to poor road conditions – the council may have failed to fix potholes in a reasonable amount of time causing a cyclist to fall from their bike. 
  • Bike accidents due to equipment failure – a faulty helmet or bicycle, causing an avoidable serious injury.

Although these are common causes of cycling road accidents, there may be other circumstances not listed above for which we can provide legal advice. We also offer other personal injury legal services in multiple languages, which you can contact our team for further information.

Can I make a cycle accident claim on behalf of someone else?

Bike accidents can cause severe injuries to the victim, causing serious trauma such as head and brain injuries. Depending on the extent of the injury, this can significantly impact one’s ability to lead a normal life. They may require consistent physical, emotional and financial support which can be challenging for everyone involved. This could mean that they are unable to claim cycle accident compensation for themselves. 

If a loved one has suffered extensive injuries from a biking accident, close family members can file a claim on their behalf to get them the advice and financial support required during this difficult time. 

How do I make a bike accident claim?

From government research, in the UK the most common contributory factor is collisions with a vehicle where a ‘driver or rider failed to look properly’. There are many other circumstances in which cycling accidents can take place where compensation claims can be filed. To build a strong case, It is essential to have evidence that the accident was not your fault. 

Some examples are:

  • Footage of the accident – from a dash cam or CCTV.
  • A potential witness – anyone that was present when the accident took place that clearly remembers the course of events.
  • Medical records – these are used to evaluate the gravity of the injuries caused and how these may impact a person’s quality of life. Sometimes, additional independent medical assessments may be requested.
  • Injury photographs – images that showcase any swelling or bruising can also be utilised.

Different cases have unique circumstances, which may have an impact on how long the claim can take. Depending on the severity of the injury, claims can take from months to years to conclude. 

Cycling accident compensation guidelines

Like all personal injury claims, cycling accidents will have different evaluations based on the surrounding circumstances when the accident took place. Usually, a cycling accident compensation claim can be awarded under one of the two categories (also known as a claim of loss), which are:

  • General damages – for the pain and distress that an injury may have caused.
  • Special damages – for the financial losses suffered as a consequence of the injury. Such as loss of income, medical costs and more.

Personal injury accidents take place in very different circumstances but in order to build a strong case to be eligible for compensation, there needs to be proof that the victim of the accident was not at fault, these could be photographs, videos or any other documentation.

Our team of legal personal injury professionals will be able to provide clarity on your case if you are considering filing for cycling accident compensation. We are able to offer legal advice on all personal injury claims in English as well as Romanian, depending on what your preference is. To contact our team of solicitors in North London, contact us (contactati-ne) or email us at office@remusrobusolicitors.co.uk.