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BDC – The Perfect Location for a Solicitor in North London

As a designated Romanian personal injury lawyer in North London, UK, we wanted to situate our office in a place that best suited our business and our clients. After researching, we decided that North London was the best location for our personal injury law firm.

Here is why we set up our offices in the Business Design Centre:

Why Islington is a Great Location for a Law Firm

There are a few reasons why Islington is a great place to base a personal injury law firm. Here are some of the reasons we situated our Romanian law firm here:

Good Travel Connections

We understand that, as a Romanian solicitor in the UK, being accessible is important. We see client interaction as a key component of how we work during a personal injury case. It is important that our clients feel like we are never too far away in case they need us.

Just a short distance from central and with the Northern and Victoria Lines nearby, whether clients are travelling to our office or we are coming to visit them, Islington is a brilliant transport hub. Not only that, but nearby Kings Cross station allows us to travel to the Midlands and Northern England if our clients are located there. This works well, as we have clients across the whole of the UK.

A Centre of Activity

There is plenty happening in Angel and Islington, making it a valuable hub of activity for any who live and work in the area. This brings varied crowds of people and businesses, which help expose our team of Romanian lawyers to the array of personalities that our line of work makes us encounter on a daily basis.

The area is filled with interesting restaurants, shops and venues, making it an exciting place both to work and to visit. As a Romanian personal injury lawyer in North London, this makes it all the more appealing for our clients to visit when necessary.

Working in the Business Design Centre

Our offices are situated in the Business Design Centre, a historic building that hosts not only a number of different businesses but also a range of interesting events.

We were delighted to recently be featured in their list of law firms in the Business Design Centre and hope to continue calling the BDC home for the foreseeable future!

The variety of businesses in the building make for an interesting collection of people. Combine this with the different events held here and no two days are the same. It helps us gain new viewpoints on how we should work and how we can treat our clients in a way that is different to others in the industry.

Not only that, but there are a range of law firms situated in the BDC. This gives us a chance to discuss industry news in the building cafe and share ideas with people who have common interests in the correct application of UK laws.

The events bring increased footfall to the area around our office and have even helped people discover our services. Plus, the in-built cafe offers the perfect situation for having a casual chat, whether with our Romanian clients or our coworkers.

We are extremely happy to have made the business design centre the home for our law firm. We started in a small office situated in the corridor before expanding into the office that we work in today. We cannot wait to further establish ourselves as one of the esteemed law firms in the Business Design Centre and beyond.

If you are looking for a Romanian speaking personal injury lawyer in North London, come and visit us in the Business Design Centre or follow the link here for help on how to take your case forward.

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