Accidents At Work Claims

Accidents At Work Claims

In 2022, the UK saw an increase in non-fatal injuries to 656,000 cases compared to the previous year with 441,000. Part of the increase in numbers could be attributed to the pandemic due to the high levels of uncertainty that may have caused changes on how businesses operate, especially in labour-intensive environments such as warehouses where accidents at work are more likely to occur.

A workplace accident is an unexpected event in the workplace that can result in injury, illness or in worst cases, fatalities. The injury or illness can be physical, but also psychological as working conditions may lead the employee to have mental health problems (an example of this could be first responders who experienced a traumatic event).

The causes of a work accident can vary depending on the industry, the type of work being performed and most importantly the specific working conditions the employee has to work with. Accidents at work tend to cover a broad range of circumstances that can result in an injury from slips and falls, accidents using machinery or even exposure to hazardous chemicals and more.

Employers have a legal obligations to look after the health and safety of their employees. In case the employer fails in their duty of care, which has led the employee to suffer an injury at work and there is proof of negligence from the employer, then they may be entitled to compensation for injuries at work.

What are the main causes of accidents at work in the UK?

Accidents at work can take place anywhere and more serious incidents can have a long term physical and emotional impact to those affected. There are many reasons as to how employees may become injured in a workplace, but the most common 3 reasons have been listed below:

  1. Accidents at work caused by overexertion and tiredness

This is something that tends to happen in jobs that require manual labor which can become tiring if they are carried out over a long period of time. Accidents related to physical exertion, such as lifting, bending, pulling, pushing and kneeling are incredibly common especially if employees do not take regular breaks.

  1. Accidents at work caused by slips, trips and falls

This is the most common type of injury at a workplace, where on average two employees a year die as a result of a slip, trip or fall.

  1. Accidents at work caused by distractions

Accidents regularly occur when employees are distracted, for instance, tripping over clutter or walking into things when using their mobile phone. This can be avoided by allowing employees to take regular breaks and enjoy a change of scenery throughout the day, ensuring they go back to their jobs refreshed and able to concentrate.

What are the main causes of accidents at work in the UK?

For a successful accident at work claim in the UK,  there are important details that your solicitor will require in order to build a strong case. The most important need is to prove the legal responsibilities of the employer and how these were broken to lead to a workplace accident. For a successful accident at work claim, your employee needs to be proven to have put your health at risk.

At Remus Robu Solicitors we specialise in assisting the Romanian community in the UK with claims relating to accidents at work.

 This can be done through:

  • Negligence – this is a case where your employee has failed to provide the appropriate training or has failed to provide the correct safety equipment to carry out a task.
  • A failure in health and safety protocols – this case is when the employer has failed to fully comply with the health and safety regulations.

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There are many factors that need to be taken in consideration when filing for an accident at work claim in the UK. At Remus Robu Solicitors we can help you make a claim on an accident that has happened at work. Our team of experts ensure that the appropriate compensation is recovered for injuries sustained. We are a Romanian solicitors who specialise in obtaining compensation for catastrophic injuries, accidents at work, road traffic accidents and accidents abroad for the Romanian community. For specific information on the amount of compensation,  the duration of the case or to learn more about the procedure of personal injury cases contact us.