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Remus Robu Wins Romanian Legal Award in Madrid

Last year we were excited to hear that the founder of Remus Robu Solicitors would be receiving a Romanian legal award recognising his hard work in the industry. At the end of last year, Remus attended the Gala of Excellence Awards with a host of fellow Romanian nationals.

The awards are designed to reward those who have represented Romania on the national stage. As a Romanian solicitor in the UK who has won cases all over Europe, Remus was asked to attend the awards for recognition within his field.

The Gala of Excellence Awards

The Gala of Excellence was hosted in Madrid last year, with the intention of highlighting and celebrating the work of Romanians across Europe. The awards were started by non-profit organisation El Occidente Rumano in 2015 and have run every year since.

In 2022, a total of 61 awards were distributed to those that had added value to the image of Romania and its citizens across the world.

Some of the more notable recipients included the Ambassador of Romania in Spain, Mr. George Bologan and Occidentul Românesc founder, Mrs. Kasandra Năsăudean. Among those awarded was the founder of Remus Robu Solicitors, Remus Robu.

Remus Robu’s Contribution To Romania’s Global Image

Remus was recognised for his contribution as a Romanian lawyer in London and awarded the Excellence Trophy as a result. Remus has lived in London for over 25 years, having qualified to practise in England and Wales.

With a client base consisting entirely of Romanian nationals, some of which still living in Romania, Remus works tirelessly to help them when they need it most. He is also a member of Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL), proving his pedigree in the area.

His work as a Romanian personal injury lawyer has seen him help many romanians get the results they deserve after falling victim to an accident that wasn’t their fault.

What Remus Had To Say About The Romanian Legal Award

Upon receiving the award, Remus had the following words to say:

“The emotions were very high. I’m glad that I received this award. I have to admit, it’s nothing but gratitude for the activity that I do with all my heart and an activity that I carry out for the benefit of the Romanian community settled in England. I am proud that the vast majority of my clients are Romanian speakers, they are my compatriots and I think that this is something that makes me happy and makes me want to wake up every morning to go to work, to be able to – I help my compatriots who, unfortunately, need legal advice”.

If you are a Romanian living outside Romania and looking for legal advice on an accident that wasn’t your fault, get in touch with the Remus Robu team here for help on how to take your case forward. Or email us on office@remusrobusolicitors.co.uk