A man injured at the gym in a gym accident claim

What to Do When Making a Gym Accident Claim

For many of us looking to stay fit and healthy, the gym serves as an ideal location to reach our fitness goals. While getting into shape is commendable it is important to remember that gyms can be dangerous places and cause very serious injuries. A gym or fitness centre has a duty of care to keep you safe while on their premises. Staff training and strict adherence to health and safety guidelines need to be in place to minimise the risk of injury and protect gym goers. If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault then find out how our expert Romanian personal injury lawyers can assist you when making a gym accident claim.

Common gym accident claims Reclamație accident de sală de sport

Slips, trips and falls

In busy gyms with weights left on the gym floor and unattended water spillages, the risk of a slip, trip or fall is high and can result in a range of injuries. From minor sprains to more severe fractures that can leave you unable to work and in a lot of pain. 

  • Staff negligence  

A lack of supervision from staff members can give rise to improper use of gym equipment and an increased risk of injuries. An injury that occurs due to staff members not following the correct health and safety guidelines or training procedures can be the reason for a claim. 

  • Improper maintenance 

Gyms bear the responsibility of ensuring a safe environment for their visitors. Negligence in routine cleaning, repairs, or addressing safety hazards can contribute to accidents that might have been easily prevented. 

  • Equipment malfunctions

Gyms are full of heavy machinery, and malfunctioning equipment can lead to very serious injuries. If you have been injured by gym equipment due to faulty machinery then you can make a claim.  

The role of a personal injury lawyer 

If you’ve suffered an injury at the gym due to someone else’s negligence, it’s important to understand your rights. A personal injury lawyer can be your advocate in seeking compensation for:

  • Medical Expenses 

Recovering from injuries often involves medical expenses, including hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, and ongoing treatments.

  • Lost Wages 

If your injury hinders your ability to work you can seek compensation for lost wages and potential future earnings.

  • Pain and Suffering 

Physical injuries can lead to emotional and mental distress. As highly skilled personal injury lawyers we can help you seek compensation for the pain and suffering you endure.

  • Future Medical Costs

Some injuries may require long-term medical care. A personal injury claim can account for the anticipated future medical expenses associated with your injury.

What to do following a gym accident  – accident de sală 

  • Seek Medical Attention 

If you’ve been injured at the gym, your first priority should be your health. Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. Not only is this crucial for your well-being, but it also establishes a record of your injuries, which can be important for your claim.

  • Document the Incident 

Take detailed notes and photographs of the accident scene, including any equipment involved, the area where the incident occurred, and any hazardous conditions. Collect contact information from any witnesses who may have observed the accident. 

  • Report the incident to the gym 

Inform gym management about the accident as soon as possible and follow their procedures for incident reporting. This creates an official record of the incident within the gym’s system and will make it easier to prove your claim when the time comes. 

  • Keep records

Maintain a file of all relevant documents, including medical records, bills, and any communication with the gym or its representatives. This documentation will be crucial when filing a claim by establishing liability along with helping to establish the amount of compensation you are awarded. 

  • Consult with a personal injury lawyer 

The first step in making a claim is having a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. At Remus Robu Solicitors we are a specialist Romanian personal injury lawyer and can provide expert legal advice based on the specifics of your case. Our team is fluent in Romanian and we will assess the viability of your gym accident claim and guide you through the legal process every step of the way.

What happens after beginning my gym accident claim?

  •  Determining liability

As your Romanian personal injury lawyer, it is essential that we identify the party responsible for the accident to move forward with your claim. This could be the gym itself, a staff member, or a third-party gym goer. Establishing liability depends on factors such as negligence, inadequate gym maintenance, or lack of proper training or health and safety. 

  • Negotiating with the gym or insurance company 

At Remus Robu Solicitors we will work tirelessly to negotiate a fair and appropriate settlement with the gym or its insurance company. This includes presenting clear evidence to support your claim. Which includes taking into consideration the injury you have sustained and the financial and emotional toll it has taken. 

As leading Romanian lawyers in London, many of our clients that we represent speak Romanian exclusively. Therefore they require a team of specialist personal injury lawyers who understand their situation and the details of their case. All while being able to expertly navigate the UK legal system and this is why they come to us. 

If you have had an accident that wasn’t your fault then get in touch with our highly qualified team of English and Romanian-speaking lawyers. 

Through our decades of experience, we can expertly guide you through your accident claim ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.