Accidents Abroad Claims - Personal Injury Claims

Accidents Abroad Claims – How Do They Work?

Whether you are traveling abroad for a holiday or for work, the last thing you want to be involved in is an accident. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere and the level of severity can differ based on the case. There is the option to take legal action if the accident was not your fault through a personal injury claim, which is a legal case therefore considered as a formal procedure of recovering compensation from the party responsible for the injury.

 If you have experienced an accident abroad, you may be entitled to claim for compensation for the injuries sustained. This could cover medical expenses and or any type of expenses that are relevant to the injury. Claims vary depending on the level of injury and the circumstances of the accident, this is where Remus Robu Solicitors can help you.

At Remus Robu Solicitors we take every case very seriously, our team ensures that the appropriate compensation is recovered for injuries sustained. We are a Romanian solicitors who specialise in obtaining compensation for catastrophic injuries, accidents at work, road traffic accidents and accidents abroad for the Romanian community. We also help clients who have suffered personal injuries as a result of attacks on the street or in public places. For specific information on the amount of compensation,  the duration of the case or to learn more about the procedure of personal injury cases contact us.

Types of Accidents Abroad That You Can Claim For

Accidents happen all the time and there are many types of injuries that can take place depending on the nature of your job, career, and lifestyle. Ideally, measures to minimise injury risks should be taken. If this is not the case, the responsible parties may be held liable through accidents abroad or personal injury claims. From car accidents, to medical negligence, listed below are the most common types of accidents that happen abroad:

Road traffic accidents 

Food poisoning 

Illnesses caused by poor hygiene at your accommodation 

Sports and excursions injuries

Trips and falls caused by misplaced objects or wet floor

Car or motorcycle accidents

Flight related injuries

An injury, accident or illness sustained that does not fall into the categories listed above should not be an issue; the crucial factor of the claim is being able to prove that the accident occurred due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness. If you are unsure about the eligibility of your claim make sure to consult our Romanian team of lawyers before taking any legal action.

Can I Claim For an Accident Abroad?

For claims on accidents abroad there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration, such as the type of injury endured and as well as the severity of the injury. These can be important factors that may impact your claim and the duration of your case. Generally, there are two important elements when it comes to claiming for accidents abroad: 

  1. Evidence that the injury occurred as a result of a third party negligence.
  2. The claim has begun within the correct time limit, which in the UK tends to be around three years, as stated in the Limitation Act 1980. However there are exceptions for different scenarios. Before initiating any claim it is advised to take legal advice.

These are very general guidelines that may not be applicable to all claims, as different accidents can escalate to different levels, it is advised to consult a qualified solicitor who can help advise on the matter.

What to Do If You Are In An Accident Abroad

As soon as an injury has occurred, it is always beneficial to gather evidence of how the injury occurred and the location of the accident as these will be crucial indicators of your eligibility to claim for compensation. Whether it is a minor injury, or a more significant accident it is important to take specific steps:

  • Document as much as possible

Take as many pictures and videos of the location, accidents, of yourself and your belongings. This will help to get as much understanding as possible of the chain of events, the location and the injury as it develops. Part of this could be used as evidence when filing for an accident abroad claim.

  • Seek medical attention

Regardless of the size of the accident, it is advised to seek medical attention to prevent the injury from deteriorating. Ensure that you get a copy of any medical records and x-rays.

  • Alert the officials and get contacts of any witnesses

Alerting the authorities is advised, so that the accident can be recorded. This can help build evidence for your case. If you want to take things a step further, getting any contacts of witnesses present during the accident that would be able to testify to help prove your case can be beneficial.  

  • Write a report

Write what happens as soon as possible to keep a record of the chain of events, so that no details are missed when claiming an accident abroad. Depending on where the injury took place, if it was inside and there is the option to email the venue, make sure to do this as soon as possible and it can help solicitors give you the best possible advice. 

Accidents are the last thing we want to happen, especially when abroad for vacation or for business. When these events happen, try to stay as calm as possible in order to avoid any complications and gather as much evidence of your injury as possible. Based on the nature of your injury, you may be entitled to a claim, but a professional legal consultation is always advised for the best results possible. Remus Robu Solicitors specialise in supporting the Romanian community in the UK and can help to advise on your case and evaluate the severity of the claim. We are able to provide consultations directly in Romanian, offering simple explanations, avoiding legal jargon and without any intermediaries, agents or third parties. Contact us for your initial consultation today.