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How To Approach An Injury At Work Claim

Here at Remus Robu, our team of Romanian speaking solicitors are here to ensure that your case is handled in a manner that is clear to you. We have a history of handling a wide range of personal injury cases in the UK and specialise in work accident cases.

When you injure yourself at work, it can be difficult to know what to do. Work can become increasingly uncomfortable. It can cause issues between you and your employer. Some injuries can even prevent you from earning an income.

Often making a personal injury claim against your employer can be the best option available. However, it isn’t always clear how to approach the scenario. We are often asked ‘How do I claim for an injury at work?’.

That is why we have created this guide to help outline how to approach a work injury claim.

When Can I Claim For A Work-Related Injury?

The first thing to establish is whether you are able to claim for your work related injury. There are a few factors that need to be considered before thinking of making a claim. Without any of these factors, a personal injury claim is unlikely to be a viable option.

The very first thing to ask is whether your employer is at fault. In order to be deemed liable in this instance, employers must be proven to have failed in their duty of care. This legal term refers to the standard level of care expected of an employer within the workplace in question

This means that if you were injured by something that was totally unforeseeable by your employer, it is unlikely that your claim will be valid.

Some Things To Consider About Your Claim:

  • Have you had proper training? If your employer hasn’t trained you properly for the particular situation in which you got injured then they may be at fault.
  • Were you provided with the right (non-faulty) safety equipment? If you were injured as a result of using faulty equipment provided by your employer they may be at fault.
  • Were you told how to report injuries? If there are not proper procedures in place regarding how to report an injury, this could be deemed a breach in duty of care.
  • Is your work environment safe? Injuries due to unsafe working environments are often deemed to be the fault of the employer.
  • Has your employer ignored potential injury risks in the past? Flagrantly ignoring risks can be deemed a breach of duty.

It is also important to remember that as each injury is different, so too is each and every claim different. This means a different approach and different factors to consider. Realistically, the best thing to do is contact a personal injury solicitor to discern whether or not you have a case against your employer.

How Do I Claim For An Injury At Work?

If you believe that some of the reasons above apply to you but you are still wondering ‘How do I claim for an injury at work?’ – the first step is getting the help of a work accident lawyer.

A personal injury solicitor will be able to talk you through the process and guide you on your next steps when making the claim. In terms of when you should get in touch with a work accident lawyer – the sooner the better.

There are also a few steps you can take in order to help add to the validity of your claim. These include:

  • Record the details of the accident. When the accident happens, make notes of the details. This will allow you to remember the incident more clearly and help with the evidence of the case. If you can take photos, that is even better.
  • Get witness contact details. If anyone witnessed your accident make sure to get their contact details. If others can verify what happened during the accident, it will strengthen your case.
  • Attend medical appointments. If you have medical appointments booked as a result of your injuries, make sure to attend them. Failing to attend appointments will suggest that your injury is not so serious. Also, record any time taken off work as a result of the accident.

Here at Remus Robu Solicitors, we specialise in assisting the UK’s Romanian community in any personal injury issues that they may be facing. If you are looking to claim for an injury that occurred at your place of work, get in touch with our team of personal injury solicitors here. Or email us on

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