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Personal Injury Claims Payout – Traffic Accident

One of our traffic accident cases was recently featured in the Romanian News website Ziarul Românesc, for obtaining a significant personal injury claim payout. If you speak Romanian, you can find the Romanian article in the following link.

Remus Robu, a Romanian speaking solicitor, aims to support Romanian compatriots with his expertise in the personal injury legal system. The Remus Robu legal team is able to provide legal support to clients in their preferred language of either English or Romanian.

What type of personal injury claim was it?

For this case, the client was a Romanian construction worker, involved in a traffic accident in London. At the time of the accident, the victim was working on the London ring road, where a driver lost control of a lorry and the client was struck. The consequences of the accident were distressing. The main physical injury suffered was to the legs, where unfortunately, with all the medical assistance provided at the time of the collision, the limbs could not be saved.

Severe leg injuries are life-changing from a physical and mental perspective as well as a financial one. Considering the costly medical appointments and loss of income, we wanted to ensure that our client received fair compensation.

Obtaining compensation from a traffic accident claim

In this situation, it is evident that the victim was involved in a traffic accident at work, caused by someone else – the lorry driver. Therefore, personal injury regulations are applicable to the client and because of the extent of the injuries, the claim was substantial. Medical procedures can be very expensive, in this instance, one of the most significant medical expenses was the prosthetic legs where each can cost around £50,000, excluding the costs of the medical appointments and procedures involved.

When a case of such seriousness arises, the defendant can give the option of an early settlement. This can provide immediate compensation for the victim but will likely result in a lower amount. When evaluating the case and considering our client’s perspective, the best course of action was to ensure that our client, the victim, received the appropriate compensation and to make sure that they gained the support required for the rest of their life. As an example, part of this is the significant cost of the prosthetics.

How long does it take to get a personal injury payout (traffic accident)?

When it comes to injury at work claims, there is not a specific time frame you can rely on as this depends on the settlement agreement as well as the nature of the road traffic accident

However, it is important to understand the general guidelines of how personal injury claims are processed in the UK. There are 6 main steps that take place when filing for a personal injury claim:

  1. Assessment – consulting with a personal injury solicitor, where preliminary facts will be discussed with your version of how the accident happened. Based on this information legal experts will be able to provide the best advice.
  1. Consultation – where the physical and financial consequences of the accident are evaluated. This allows your personal injury solicitor to lay out all the damages for which you can claim compensation, often you are required to present evidence of the accident such as medical records, photos and any other type of documents that may apply. 
  1. Submission – this involves your lawyer generating a Claim Notification Form (CNF) or a letter before action, depending on the severity of the case. These documents represent the core of your claim in detail.
  1. Investigation – this process involves the gathering of expert medical evidence and proof of financial losses.
  1. Negotiation – depending on the response of the defendant, negotiation plans are put in place.
  1. Finalisation – evaluating a potential compensation claim payout. 

With many personal injury claims, medical reports are essential to use as evidence and to understand the level of the injury endured by the client. At the beginning of a claim process, an independent medical assessment will be required to help build a strong case.

Considering the gravity of the injuries involved, once the case was taken to court, it became a five year long litigation. Although the average time for a road traffic accident claim is 4-9 months, this claim took longer to come to a close, partly because the medical assessment took longer than the average small personal injury claim but also because the sum offered by the defendant was not reasonable for the injury caused to our client.

Conclusions From The Case

Extreme injuries are usually defined as ‘Amputation of one or both legs. The compensation range also takes into consideration should the leg have been amputated below or above the knee’ – personal injury claims compensations for this type of injury can claim back around £97,980 – £282,010. 

In the case of our Romanian compatriot, we were able to achieve a higher compensation claim than the average. This case was referred to as one of the largest sums ever obtained in court in such a case, after a trial that lasted five years.

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the case took a long time but with a gratifying result both for us and for the victim of this accident. 

About us

Remus Robu came to Great Britain in 1995. He initially worked in a restaurant, then even on London construction sites, to then study law. He has been qualified for many years in Great Britain, and the great advantage is that being Romanian, his compatriots can call on him with confidence because they will receive explanations in Romanian to ensure that they fully understand the complexities of the case and can have any questions answered that they may have.

Remus Robu says “Being a Romanian personal injury lawyer is a job that can give satisfaction. At the end of the case, you have the satisfaction of being able to take your client in your arms and be proud that we fought together”.

For any type of personal injury claim, we can support you in making the best decisions when it comes to personal injury claims payout. If you have had a traffic injury, workplace accident, medical negligence and slips, trips and falls in a public accident we can support you. To get in touch with our Romanian speaking legal team of solicitors in North London, contact us or email us at

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